Lakshmi Shastry

Lakshmi Shastry is the Chief Operational Officer of MagnaTech. She is widely recognized for her role in shaping the Quality in MagnaTech and for her leadership, as well as her contributions to various functions in MagnaTech.

Lakshmi has over 15 + years of Magnetics manufacturing, Quality control, Procurement and HR experience. Lakshmi began her career with MagnaTech in 2003 and was elevated to the Board of Directors of MagnaTech in 2004.

Professional Background:

Before working in MagnaTech, she worked for a Multinational company in China for 5 years as a Manager for new products development. She was instrumental in establishing ISO in 2007, and subsequently headed the Production and Quality in Magnatech. In 2008, she took on the challenge of building the LEAN Manufacturing with strong focus on technology, innovation and process re-engineering.

In addition to her responsibilities at the MagnaTech , she is a member of Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka (AWAKE). She is also a member of the e-MERG (Engineering Manufacturer Entrepreneurs Resource Group).

Email:       Mobile: +91 98 45 642734


    MagnaTech – India, well known for its innovation, quality and commitment to customers worldwide, offers engineering design, development and innovation for various electrical components like Transformers, Inductors, Chokes etc.


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