Testing Facility

Testing @ Magnatech

Testing of every component manufactured at Magnatech is done with utmost care and due diligence. We understand that any slippage in any of the testing procedures will cause immense discomfort to our customers. Some of the standard testing procedures associated with testing equipment details are enumerated below.

Visual Checking

  • For Small coil Visual Checking we are using Digital Portable Microscope-VT300.
  • By doing this test we can have good visualization of variant inspections like Dust presence, Solder balls, Tinning continuity, Raping height , Bobbin damage , Core alignment  , Tape finishing , Label marking , Notch on primary  winding, Dry solder, Routing on slots  , Stripping , Glue and varnish checking.


  • Sensitive Element – 2 million pixels CMOS.
  • Lens – High-Sensitive Lens.
  • Magnification – Optical Zoom 1x ~ 10x to 40x; 5xDigital Zoom.
  • USB Power Supply Device – AC Transformer(Output: DC 5.0/1A, Input: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ).
  • Electric Consumption – 4V/360mA.
  • Operating Environment – Temperature-5˚C ~ 50˚C , Humidity lower than 85%.

 Double Voltage Double Frequency (DVDF) Testing Facility

  • Double voltage Double Frequency test panel to perform DVDF Test for Power and distribution transformers.
  • This test set provides a continuously variable output voltage at double frequency to test the insulation between turns of coils, layer to layer, terminals of windings with either uniform or graded insulation  and also between the windings and earth, with graded insulation of both Distribution and Power transformers. 
  • This higher frequency is considered to avoid excessive excitation current during the testing


  • Uninterrupted performance
  • Optimum quality
  • High functional efficiency.

 Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Set

The Automatic Instrument Transformer Test Set is an instrument used for the measurement of relative errors of instrument voltage as well as instrument current transformer. The instrument reads out the unbalance of bridge circuit, converts these reading into ratio and phase error values and then values on a LCD panel for the operator.

The instrument is microprocessor controlled and provides very fast measurement .To this effect, the instrument can be used to measure and plot the ratio and phase errors while the test current is varied slowly over the band of interest.

In addition to measuring the ratio and phase errors, the instrument measures the burden connected to the test sample. This feature is very useful when testing instrument transformers in the “installed condition” and the burden is not known.


  • Automatic microprocessor controlled measurement.
  • Measures burden connected to test sample.
  • Plots ratio and phase errors.
  • Keyboard entry of parameters.
  • USB port printer interface.
  • Voltage or current transformer testing with one test set.
  • 5 & 1 Ampere current transformer testing using either a 5 or 1 Ampere standard current transformer.
  • Identifies ANSI, IEC, IEC-S,IS-P,IS-PR,AS-M,AS-ME,BS and MS-S standards for CT and VT tests.

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